Fleeting Time

What is the longest and yet the shortest– the swiftest yet the slowest? All of us neglect it and then we all regret it. Nothing can be done without it. It swallows all that is small and it builds up all that is great.


Every morning we wake up with a fresh 24 hours of non-refundable time. It’s a gift, and we give a whole day of our lives for it. How sad that so many hours of our days are chewed up with worry about the future, or playing old tapes in our head of the past.

In the Christian Tradition, the words of the The Lord’s Prayer says: “Give us this day our daily bread.” The words aren’t, “Give us this day our weekly bread” or “Give us this day our monthly bread.” For most of us, no matter how challenging and difficult a day can be, we know that at the end of the day we can wipe the slate clean and tomorrow we will receive 24 more precious, priceless hours.

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