Fact: Science has proven that our positive everyday behavior influences the lives of everyone around us. Doing a little “good” here and there counts.

Positive behavior is about taking action on the little things; the way we treat ourselves, our family members, peers, strangers and even the service providers in our lives. Just saying hello and giving a big warm smile to everyone we encounter, helps us and helps them as well. Each morning, we can make a decision to do good for ourselves and to do good for the people around us. Making the decision is the hard part. After making the decision the doing becomes easy.

Granted, it’s rare when anyone is able to a great deal of good at one time. Most of us can’t give ten million to a charity or invent a magnificent technology, yet we can change our world with small actions.

All of us are cogs. Most of us are small cogs in the greater scheme of things. Yet we have choices. We can go to our posts rusty and raspy. Or we can go well oiled and ready to do our part for this day.

Jean Maslanka Kelley

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