Christmas Party?

Dear Jean,

Two years ago, my husband and I started a small manufacturing company.  Although we are still pinching pennies, this is the first year we have had enough money to have a Christmas party.

Our employees come from several different walks of life.  Among those represented are various religions, races, and socioeconomic levels.  It is difficult to be all things to all people, but we really want everyone to feel comfortable and we want to stay within a reasonable yet small budget.  Any suggestions?


You mentioned cultural diversity in your company. Most religions celebrate around this time of year so it’s best to call it a Holiday Party, at least on the invitation.

Here are a couple of low-cost options:

One is a covered-dish party.  You supply the meats and beverages.  Your employees bring the side dishes and desserts.  Those who don’t cook and those that you’re afraid can’t cook can provide chips, dips, and bread.

If you prefer not to ask your employees to bring anything, a chili party at your home or business is a fun and inexpensive idea.  You are only out the cost of chili, beverages, and extras.

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