Defend Your Reputation

Dear Jean,

I’m a Medical Technologist with a good work record.  I applied for a job at a local hospital.  On the second interview the company’s representative said, “You’ve got the job; we will call and tell you when we want you to start.”  She never called, so I called her, and she said, “We have other people we want to interview.”

Later that day I found that a previous co-worker of mine went to this interviewer and said something derogatory about me (and, yes, I’m sure this happened).  Is there any way for me to find out what was said about me?  What can I do?


There is probably no way for you to find out exactly what was said.  The company is at fault as well as your co-worker.  It’s devastating to be told first that you have a job and then that they want to interview more people.  To tell a job applicant that he or she is hired and then rescind the offer is a display of shabby business tactics and you might want to consider if you want to work for them at all.

If you really want the job, pick up the phone and try to work this out.  The worst they can do is refuse your call.  What have you got to lose?

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