Did I Check My Email???

Dear Jean:

I recently applied for a job.  I filled out the application, turned it in, and was told they would contact me in a few days for an interview.  After almost a week had past and I hadn’t heard anything, I called to inquire about an interview.  Their response to me was, “Haven’t you checked your email?  You had an interview yesterday at 5:00.”  I explained to her that I had been away and didn’t have access to email, and that I was really expecting a phone call.  Her response was, “Sorry.  I don’t have anymore interview times available.”  I am shocked that email for an interview was their form of communication, when I wasn’t told that.  What do you think?


I am as shocked as you are.  I personally would have made a phone call to set up an interview.  Even as the employer, speaking to a candidate over the phone gives an impression on how they handle themselves on the phone.  There are so many ways of communication these days, and speaking to someone directly or over the phone almost seems to be going by the wayside, not to mention how impersonal it is.  There are situations where emails or even texts are appropriate, but setting up a job interview is not one of them.  If this lady can only use email for communicating and can’t find time for you, then this probably isn’t the best place to work.  Consider yourself lucky.

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