Different Salaries, Different Gifts?

Dear Jean,

With Christmas coming up, I’m starting to feel the stress of picking out gifts for my staff of seven.  They all earn different salaries, have different tenure, and have different tastes.  Is there a quick way to relieve me of all the mental gymnastics?


There are plenty of business gifts that are in good taste.  A few ideas are: monogrammed leather scrapbooks, luggage tags imprinted with their names and addresses, clocks, or subscriptions to popular magazines.  Another fun idea is for you to go to one of the stores that design and assemble fancy gift baskets.  You can pick out all the items yourself.  Then they will shrink-wrap it and decorate it for the season.  You can have nearly anything put in the basket, from popcorn to mugs to bath oil to chocolate.  Your options are limited only by the size of the basket.  That way you can personalize the gift.  If you choose to spend a lot on some and not too much on others, it won’t be as readily noticeable.

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