Feel the Feelings….

“Feel the feelings and do it anyway”

~ Susan Jeffers

My colleague betrayed himself.

Jim needs spinal surgery and two hip replacements, but he can’t have surgery until he loses over a hundred pounds. Currently he is physically limited, using a walker.

He wanted to be his old self, but he didn’t want to put in the time and effort. Even spinal stenosis didn’t motivate him. He chose to live according to how he “felt” about his weight, his life and his spinal/physical condition.

When a second surgeon delivered the bad news and added two hip surgeries to the picture, the only feelings he reported having were related to dying, living a painful, drug-involved life in a wheelchair, or living well.

Jim wants to walk again. Not “feeling like” making a radical change brought him to face a cavalcade of events: a dramatic and rapid effort to lose weight in order to have three surgeries to alleviate pain and disability.

All of a sudden, “I don’t feel like it” didn’t matter to Jim. He saw the surgeon on Monday, his wife purged their kitchen on Tuesday, they shopped together for proper foods on Wednesday, and a healthy diabetic eating program began on Thursday. “So much for feelings.”

Because Jim didn’t feel like getting on with a better way of life months and years ago, his left hip will endure the aches and pains of bone crunching on bone until an MRI and surgery are viable options.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how we “feel.” We have to do the next right thing, and the next right thing, and the next……

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