Millennials or Y Gen

Click here to read the post from the Wall Street Journal:

While I think that there is truth to this article, I hate to see us labeling an entire generation. Yes, they grew up in the time of plenty but we are the one’s who raised them and the social culture we created, propelled them.  We called the Xer’s slackers, and they grew up to be just fine.

The workplace will change over time to meet the needs of these young people. We always have. There are over 70 million of them so I suspect that very soon employers will find a way to inspire them, keep them engaged, and help them find their full potential.

They’ll be just like the rest of us soon – raising children and having the pressures of day-to-reality. Life will give them a crucible experience just like it did us, and in a few years they’ll be just fine too.

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