Move Past Your Fear

Dear Jean,

I am in the process of job-hunting, and it seems to be taking a long time for me to find a job.  I went on an interview the other day with a company that looks great.  They seem to have everything I want in the way of benefits, responsibilities, and chance for promotion, etc.  However, I just don’t feel right about something.  I didn’t really like the person who interviewed me and I just felt uncomfortable, even though the job itself seems perfect.  I do know that they have a high turnover rate in this position.  Any advice?


My question for you is whether there is truly something here to be afraid of, or if you are simply worried about the position from a general fear of the new and unknown.  My first instinct is to tell you to move past your discomfort and take the job if it is offered.  After all, you are not working now.  The worst thing that can happen is that you take the job, don’t like it, and quit.

As far as the turnover rate goes, you will never really know all the facts about it.  Maybe there is nothing wrong with the job or with the supervisor.  Maybe their turnover is due to hiring errors.

If at all possible, do more research on this company.  Either you will gather enough information that your worries will go away, or you will learn the concrete reason for your worries and feel better about continuing your search elsewhere.  Be fast in your research.  This opportunity is likely to slip through your fingers if you spend too long trying to put your worries to rest.

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