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Dear Jean,

I attend many conventions, conferences, and trade shows where name tags are given to attendees.  I’ve noticed these tags being worn by some on their right side and by others on the left.  Is there a best way to do this?


There is not a right or wrong answer to your question.  Most people agree, however, that the name tag works best on your right side.  When people are shaking hands with you they can see your name faster. If they can’t remember your name and have to look at your tag, you’re making it easier for them. They will look a little less conspicuous glancing at your right shoulder than at your left.

When preparing your own name tag, write your name very large.  Everything you do to help people remember your name will aid you in your networking efforts.

If it’s important to you that people remember who you are, be sure to get their contact information.  When you return to your office, send them a short e-mail or a handwritten note. It’s a nice touch.

What’s in it for you? You might be the only person they met who followed up. Following up shows that you are on top of your game.

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