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Our Executive Coaching Solutions

You Get a Better Leader:  
Executive Development

Based on results of a 360 multi-rater feedback metric, we measure 16 leadership competencies. With the results of the 360 reports, a customized program is designed for your executive’s growth in the shortest time possible. The measurement maps how your executive sees him/her self in relationship to how others see them. Blind spots are revealed. Your executive will receive written action steps and time lines for accomplishment. Bottom line: You get a better leader.

Services can be obtained for an ongoing executive coaching process or the 360 only.

You Promote the Right Person:  
Leadership Assessment

Do you have the right person in the right position? We help you make the final cut to fill a critical vacancy within your organization. This process involves the use of a sophisticated, robust personality inventory, Birkman,™ and an in-depth interview with your candidate and the hiring executive. This feature includes a special focus on competencies and culture. Verbal Report provided to the hiring executive. Bottom line: You promote the right person.

Your Executive Team Gets Faster Results:  
Team Building

Because your success depends upon your team, we can help. 
With a style based workshop and proven trust building exercises, we’ll take your executive team to the next level. They will learn what remarkable achievements will occur when they appreciate each other’s style differences and work toward a clear common goal. Bottom line: Your executive team gets faster results.

Our Team Solutions

Change Management
Mulit-generations at Work
Gender Differences in Executive Teams
Organizational Effectiveness
Media Management for any Corporate Crisis
Communication Styles DiSC™
Conflict Mediation
Supervisory Skills
Social Intelligence
Recruitment and Retention
Behavioral Interviewing
Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Sales Coaching
Sales Management

Helpful Programs:

To find out how to accomplish your leadership and team goals through Executive Coaching, contact Jean Kelley.

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