“Jean Kelley is a dynamic, engaging and fun speaker. As keynote speaker for the Tulsa Business Journal’s 2012 Men of Distinction awards she really wowed the crowd. Jean masterfully shared the story of her own life lessons to inspire us all. Jean is living proof that hard work and perseverance pay off!”

Julie Chin, Emmy Winning Journalist/Meteorologist & Emcee


“Jean’s presentation at the Will Roger’s Rotary Club about her life as a young woman trying to make her way in the workforce is an inspiration for us all.  I would recommend that every young adult entering the job market should hear her story about perseverance, humility, hard work, overcoming a negative attitude and rising above our own mistakes to be successful.  She is the epitome of the American dream, that hard work and taking risks will be rewarded.”

Jeff James, Rotary Member


“Jean Kelley is one of those rare individuals whose intellect, drive and emotions are all connected and aimed at serving people. She is an incredibly astute person. I’ve known Jean for over 10 years, since we were in the same study group at the OPM program at Harvard business School. During our 3 years at HBS I had the opportunity to observe the way she approaches a range of business problems. Her people oriented approach provided a good balance to our often more analytic view. Her understanding and experience with industry and people provides the types of insights that can be acted upon for success. I highly recommend Jean. She is tremendously skilled, professional and personable.” March 20, 2009

Joe Heaney, President, Cornnuts Inc. studied with Jean at Harvard Business School

“Jean Kelley has provided me with some of the most insightful and thought provoking leadership guidance I have ever received. Managing personalities (including oneself) is near the top of the list that successful executives must master. Jean’s techniques and on-to-one counseling sessions have stayed with me for many years and helped me manage a multitude of challenging interpersonal matters. I highly recommend her for individuals and organizations seeking expertise in ongoing executive development.” December 16, 2008


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Roger Dahl hired Jean as a Business Consultant in 2002.

“I have known and utilized Jean’s services for many years, both when she owned and operated a staffing company and in her current role as an advisor to owners and management. She is very adept at listening and determining solutions which assist the Company to improve it operations by communicating and working better together. I recommend her to clients with confidence.” February 18, 2009


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Tom Franz hired Jean as a Business Consultant in 1997, and hired Jean more than once.

“Working with Jean was great.  For the first time, I understood how my words and actions were received by my co-workers.  With Jean’s suggestions, I have worked to change both my delivery and demeanor and the results were immediate.  Not only is my team more productive, my relationships with those above me, my peers, and direct reports are greatly improved.  Thanks Jean!”


Mike O’Kelley, COO, Eagle Energy

“Jean Kelley is one of the most dynamic leaders I have met. Working with Jean in both program creation and program presentation is exhilarating. Jean is able to see a big picture with all the steps on how to get there which helps her in all stages of leadership consulting. She is able to create a learning experience that is both personally engaging and professionally inspiring for individuals and groups. It is a pleasure to work with her.” November 18, 2009


Claudia Arthrell, Private Practice, Claudia Arthrell ACSW, LCSW


“Words cannot adequately describe your seminar yesterday, but I’ll try.  You were magnificent.  With a master’s stroke, you took a hand full of old codgers and showed us how to be more effective.  I thought you worked a large audience well, but with a small group, you were brilliant.”  April 5, 2006


Ken Edwards, Manager, Newfield Exploration, Elk City, OK


“I started working with Jean Kelley back in ’07 — about the time I had become General Manager of Mid-Continent.  I had taken a 360 and wanted to concentrate on improving my relations with my peers.  Jean “gently” guided me towards concentrating my focus on subordinates and others throughout the organization.  My “MO” was that of a no nonsense technical manager with not much appearance of being human.  Jean pushed me to be more open and to be more of a leader and not just a manager.  I would maintain a “professional distance” between myself and people I worked with.  I used my technical prowess as a shield that would allow me to contribute to the company and at the same time maintain my sense of privacy.  I was very skeptical and a little nervous of attempting to change my behavior to be more “open” and friendlier with the staff as I did not believe this was the real me – the authentic me.  Jean showed me how I could change in small ways that would not require me to radically change my behaviors or the authentic me – but yet would have a huge positive effect on the staff.  Jean’s suggestions were a big success and helped the staff through the many changes we went through from ’07 until August of ’09 when I left Mid-Continent and took the job as President of Appalachia.  September 13, 2012


Barry Boone, Newfield Exploration, Retired

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