The Phone Kept Ringing – at Lunch

Dear Jean,

Recently, I took one of my largest clients to lunch at a very nice restaurant.  During our hour and a half together, her iPhone rang three times.  The ring was the barking of a dog so everyone started looking at us.  I realize she has a very important position, but I was really put off by these intrusions.  What can I do about this in the future?


There is nothing you can do about this in the future.  You could ask her to stop, and tell her she’s rude, but that won’t help your relationship much.  For whatever reason, she feels she needs to be accessible.  Although you and I choose not to receive phone calls at the table, she does, and that’s that.

Granted, some people are not considerate as they could be when it comes to calls and texting.  If she is one of your best clients, maybe you should plan an extra half hour for your lunch so she will have plenty of time to receive calls and talk business with you too.

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