Ugly Office Gossip

Dear Jean,

I work for an accounting firm.  At our annual employees-only Christmas party, my admin and a fellow manager (who’s wife was traveling) both had way too much to drink. Their cat and mouse flirting was seen by everyone, and the next day they couldn’t look each other in the eye.  I’m confident that nothing will come of this, but it’s the big juicy topic at the water cooler.  My admin is single, but the manager is very married.  What can I do to restore their dignity and displace this ugly gossip?


You didn’t cause this problem and you can’t fix it.

What you can do is have a discussion with your admin, spelling out the politically correct behavior for corporate party life.  Be sure to explain that what may seem innocent on her part can be gossip fodder for inquiring minds.  Past that, the more you stir this, the thicker it will get, and the longer it will take to calm down.

As for your friend…very married?  I don’t think so!

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