Leaving a Bad Situation

Dear Jean,

Recently, I had a job where the bosses didn’t talk properly to me.  I just walked out and quit.  I was pretty upset.  I know that is not the best way to handle things, so how would you handle the situation?


Rude is one thing and abusive is another.  A lot of people are just rather short and it can be perceived as rudeness.  A rude boss is not a reason to quit unless he or she is always rude.  Even then, don’t walk out.  Give notice.

Not giving notice will become part of your job history.  Make sure the next time you want to walk off a job, you know the difference between rude and abusive.  If your boss is rude, give a two-week notice.

Abusiveness is another issue altogether.  If your boss is touching you, swearing at you, throwing things or screaming uncontrollably, leave.  No notice required here.

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