Reward for Loyal Staff

Dear Jean,

I work for a large company and have nine people reporting to me.  Our company has been though a particularly trying time this year, and my staff has been unusually loyal and productive.  I’d like to buy each person a holiday gift.  What can I give that is in good taste and doesn’t cost a lot of money?


Movie tickets are always a good bet.  That way, a spouse, friend or family member can enjoy your gift too.  Another idea is a book.  Most every bookstore carries small hardback “gift books.”  Some are humorous and some carry light philosophical ideas and quotations.

A nice touch, either on the inside cover of the book or on the card that will accompany the movie ticket, would be for you to write a personal thank-you.  Because this gift is meant as a thank-you it would be nice for you to add the personal touch of a written note.  The personal note will be appreciated and kept and remembered.

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